Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why Buy Organic Baby Clothing ?

If you are expecting or have just delivered a baby, congratulations! As parents if you are looking to impact your child’s view of the world by choosing an organic lifestyle, we commend you! One of first new things you will need to purchase is organic baby clothes.

Buying Organic Baby clothing clothing has several advantages. Because they are made without chemicals and pesticides, the chances that baby will suffer from rashes or skin conditions are slender. Non organic cotton is produced with synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. This is practiced all over the the globe. Exposure to such toxic elements in children can lead to side effects including difficulty breathing, asthma, and vision problems. Now just imagine buying such clothes for your little one. Most of these chemicals are so powerful that they can easily be absorbed into baby’s fragile skin. Now please understand, the cotton is not the problem, but the chemicals which are used to produce cotton. Buying organic baby clothing will reduce the risk considerably of baby developing a skin rash and allergies. You will also be helping protect the environment. The USDA has established stringent guidelines for certifying cotton organic. Farm inspections are necessary to make sure all organic guidelines for cotton production are obeyed and followed. Organic Cotton Baby Clothes come in many styles and fashions.

From onsies and body suits to mittens, pants and jackets, organic baby clothes have come along way with many companies designing many lines. In fact there may be only a 10% price increase in quality organic clothing over its non organic counterpart. Spending a few dollars more for baby’s health is something most parents will do without seriously affecting their budget.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Recycling The Bags Helps The Environment

You may not be very aware, but in the United States, we are using bags all of the time! There are the bags we get at the retail grocery store, the ones we pack lunches in, the ones other retail items come in and everything that is packaged by the very manufacturer. Inevitibly we could all end up, literally, buried under the pile of the bags that we collect in a life time. And what a waste that would be! The good news is that most of those bags come from recycled products and with any luck, in the recycle process, will return to the start and be recycled into the bags that we will use again and again.
But what should the average American consumer do when those bags start to pile up high? It doesn’t take very long for the pile to start to form, maybe two or three big trips to the grocery store, and you could end up with 15 or more bags per visit. What are some of the good ways we can keep the build up of plastic bags to a minimum?
If there are cats in your own house those left over bags from the grocery store come in handy when cleaning out the litter box. Just having the bags around when you have to touch something you really don’t want to. By having the bags, in hand, the actual touching of the item is no longer an issue at all and it will help with germs being passed from cat litter box to human, which can cause all kinds of illnesses.
People can reuse the bags as lunch bags, rather than the very old way of using a new “brown bag” for lunch carrying purposes. It may not seem like a very great effort but each and every effort, no matter how little, is having an impact.
Another good way to cut down on the recycling in the area of shopping is to have a designated bag that can be used over and over again for the groceries. Totally eliminating the very need for the plastic bag is a huge step toward progress when it comes to recycling. There are companies that sell bags for this very purpose and some of them are made from organic materials and even have sayings on them like, “Nothing on me is plastic,” and my personal favorite, “I’m not an old bag!” I love the good companies that make bags like these because they can do it with flair. Some of the recycled bags come in a rainbow of neon colors that are, to say the least, eye catching, as well as reusable! Canvas totes can be thrown into a washing machine and will serve for so many, many trips to pick up bread and milk.
The bottom line is becoming very aware of what we use and how such items can be reused. No matter where you shop or what purchases you make, if, at the end of the day you’re surrounded by plastic bags, there’s always a good way to get more use out of them.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Creamy Creamy Ice Cream Soaps !

Another one from the Luxury Soap line..

Perfect indulgence to beat the summer heat !!!

The ICE CREAM soaps are so close to the edible icecream that you might just have to resist and hold yourself back ! They are made from a common base of cream , sheer butter, aloe vera and wheat germ oil. The different essential oils lend deifferent colours and fragrances to the different dollops !

They come 3-in-a-set .. you can make your own icecream set by choosing the flavours !

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cin-ful CINNAMON soaps

Introducing the new LUXURY line of soaps which make your body butterly beautiful. These soap bars are a luxurious, healthy alternative to ordinary mass produced chemical soaps.

The CINNAMON SCRUB soap is this beautiful chocolate brownie looking soap ! It contains real crushed cinnamon , cinnamon essential oil, sheer butter, orange oil , vanilla and is amazing on the skin. These is a sumptous luxury as well as a therapeutic product. It can be manufactured as many as you want and in whichever packaging style you need as per labelling or net weight etc..

The CINNAMON BUTTER soap is amazing and looks like marble sponge cake ! It contains real crushed cinnamon , cinnamon essential oil, sheer butter, olive oil , cocunut oil , palm oil, sunflower oil and melts on the skin to make it super soft.

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