Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nitin's first brand new clothes !

You all are now well aware of the hand painted organic T shirts and bags we make using non-toxic paints. They are smart, sassy and cool environmentally conscious designs , playfully made by rural children with the kind consent of thier parents. Together, we make good use of their summer vacations and also add immense value to our 100% organic cotton and bamboo T shirts for all ages.

Last week itself I paid Rs.1200/- to a 16 year old boy named Nitin. That very evening he went to buy a denim jeans for himself. The next morning he came and very enthusiastically said " Didi maine do nayi jeans khareedi hai" , which means - elder sister , I purchased two new pairs of jeans. I was happy for him and I asked how much did he buy it for, and he said that he got 2 for Rs.500/- each. I thought to myself that he literally blew away all his money and has nothing left for his education.

I asked his mother, who works at our place about this big purchase and she was smiling. She said that she didn't want to dampen his spirit of making the first wardrobe buy of his life. I was shocked - he had purchased clothes for the first time in his life. All these years, he could never afford to wear new clothes - he would always wear what was given for him to his mother as alms or as compensation along with her work.

His mother is a household servant. Even we would give my brothers old clothes to her not realizing that these old clothes are his only wardrobe and he has NEVER bought anything new EVER !

I was so touched and felt good about being able to provide a better life at least to a handful to begin with.. I so strongly felt that the realization of our mission for Adya International would actually begin with small pockets and small steps taken towards a better future of all people associated with us. It has been the strongest belief of the company that only by making others happy, you realize your happiness.
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