Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vintage Buttons from Grandmum's closet

I have a LOT ( I MEAN LOTS ) of Vintage buttons and definately with holes in them for you to be able to make your beautiful jewellery.

They belong to my grandmum who once planned to make some garments for her and wanted to use them, but never could.

They have been passed on to me but neither have I been able to use them. Please send me your email address so that I could send you their pictures.They are a large variety of designs, colours and materials.

I would also be willing to ship them to you for free


  1. Hi, I think you could easily slip the top button on a leather thong and make it a pendant for yourself. If not I would definitely be able to make a pendant of it.

    The photo second from the bottom of the post shows the most promising assortment from my view point, and I would love to create with them.

    Also if you have favourite buttons that you would like to have custom made for you, put them in a separate group marked 'favourites' and I can find out what kind of jewelry you would like for yourself.

    I think you have a lovely Etsy store and I enjoyed looking at your creations today.

  2. Hi again,

    of the new uploaded photos, I am very interested in the buttons in the photo second from top of post. I would love to know if you have more of the bright pink one that looks like a bead.... if you have more the same, or more of a similar type/colour.

    Also I find I make more earrings than any other thing and like to have even numbers of things so they match, although some larger buttons and beads can be used to make feature beads on a necklace or bracelet.

    the fourth photo from the top with the very sparkly buttons are gorgeous and I could perhaps make something very nice with them.

    I hope you have seen the new year in happily!

  3. Wow, these buttons are amazing. How are you dispersing them? I would be interested in finding out how to get a handful of these. Email me at, thanks!


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