Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A tree is worth 98 Lakh Rupees !

A tree on an average provides benefits worth ninety eight lakh rupees. Sounds unbelievable !
It is a scientific conclusion.

Production of Oxygen - Rs. 19 Lakhs
Control of Pollution - Rs. 31 Lakhs
Preserving Soil Fertility - Rs. 17 Lakhs
Providing bird and animal shelter - Rs. 08 Lakhs
Recycling of Water - Rs. 19 Lakhs
Miscallaneous Benefits - Rs. 04 Lakhs

Total - Rs. 98 Lakhs

When cut, its value reduces to 0.03 % of it's real worth. Even this number is a scientific conclusion.

So please think a hundred times before a tree is allowed / ordered to be cut.
Also miss no opportunity of planting trees and obtain God's blessings.

- All India Pingalwara Charitable Society

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