Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why Buy Organic Baby Clothing ?

If you are expecting or have just delivered a baby, congratulations! As parents if you are looking to impact your child’s view of the world by choosing an organic lifestyle, we commend you! One of first new things you will need to purchase is organic baby clothes.

Buying Organic Baby clothing clothing has several advantages. Because they are made without chemicals and pesticides, the chances that baby will suffer from rashes or skin conditions are slender. Non organic cotton is produced with synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. This is practiced all over the the globe. Exposure to such toxic elements in children can lead to side effects including difficulty breathing, asthma, and vision problems. Now just imagine buying such clothes for your little one. Most of these chemicals are so powerful that they can easily be absorbed into baby’s fragile skin. Now please understand, the cotton is not the problem, but the chemicals which are used to produce cotton. Buying organic baby clothing will reduce the risk considerably of baby developing a skin rash and allergies. You will also be helping protect the environment. The USDA has established stringent guidelines for certifying cotton organic. Farm inspections are necessary to make sure all organic guidelines for cotton production are obeyed and followed. Organic Cotton Baby Clothes come in many styles and fashions.

From onsies and body suits to mittens, pants and jackets, organic baby clothes have come along way with many companies designing many lines. In fact there may be only a 10% price increase in quality organic clothing over its non organic counterpart. Spending a few dollars more for baby’s health is something most parents will do without seriously affecting their budget.


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