Thursday, April 2, 2009

25 ways of SAVING WATER

Considering the water shortage that the whole world is facing today, conservation and intelligent utilisation of water resources has become extremely essential. Small measures can make a big difference. To think of it, getting an ordinary toilet leak repaired could lead to saving of nearly 200 litres of water a day while a faucet leak repair can save up to10,000 litres a year. Here are 25 ways to get you started on the 'save water' mission: Saving water indoors
Think you might have a leak? Check by reading your water meter before and after a 2-hour period when water hasn't been run in your house. If the reading isn't precisely the same, you've got a leak.
If you've got a well-water system and the pump comes on when no one is using water, you have a leak.
Dripping faucets need to be repaired right away. Usually it's a simple matter of switching worn washers. Check all the washers in the house and replace them all at once.
Install faucet aerators to slow the flow of water.
Rinse vegetables over a large bowl and reuse what would have gone down the drain to water plants.
Defrost foods in the microwave instead of under running water.
Insulate water heater and water pipes. (65% of the water you use is hot water.)
Saving water in the bathroom
Don't let the water run incessantly when you are shaving, brushing your teeth, etc.
Replace two-handle systems with single-lever faucets.
Install low-flow showerheads that reduce water usage up to half but still give a great feeling shower.
Get a showerhead with a "shower off" button to conserve water while you lather up.
Take shorter showers. Five-minute showers per day for a four-member family use about a staggering amount of water.
Find out if the toilet is leaking by adding a few drops of food colouring into the toilet tank. If the colour leaks into the bowl, replace the flapper.
Don't use the toilet as a wastebasket or ashtray. This will prevent unnecessary flushing.
Saving water in cleaning
Older standard washing machines use up to 180 litres of water per load; newer models use only 42-115 gallons. Switch to a new model.
Don't wash half loads, and if you do, adjust the water level.
Presoak clothes to prevent re-washing of heavily soiled clothes.
If you're washing dishes in a double sink, wash them all at once and rinse them all at once.
Saving water outdoors
Landscape your garden or your house with plants that need less water.
Don't over water your plants. Buy a gauge to measure the rain your lawn gets.
Use a sprinkler with a timer to ensure affective water usage for watering your lawn.
Make sure your sprinkler system isn't watering the sidewalk, driveway or street.
Water lawns during the time of day when temperature and wind speed are lowest to reduce evaporation.
Over-fertilization increases your lawn's need for watering. Don't over feed.
Mulch plants well so they may retain moisture.
Save water, save life!

Source: Tips4me

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