Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hand Painted T Shirts

How do you feel when you create a product which has given you immense satisfaction ?

How do you feel when something that is created brings smile not just to your face ..
We loved it when rural children flock around creating a cheerful environment and paint on our Organic tees... they are trained to paint as beautifully as possible using non-toxic acrylic paints..
They love it because they have fun, learning and pocket money at the same time..Their parents love it because their summer vacations are used constructively and fruitfully with their children learning an art. We love it because they do :-)
75% of the sales profit goes to these children which help in funding their studies and basic needs.They eat yummy food and listen to thier favorite music while thier paints flow creating magic on the Tee's
Haappie Hands paint Haapie Tees !!!
Please ask for your size.
More designs can be seen on our website at - or email
We would also be willing to paint a customised design for you .

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