Saturday, April 4, 2009


Introducing the new LUXURY line of soaps - SABOON - will make your body butterly beautiful. These soap bars are a luxurious, healthy alternative to ordinary mass produced chemical soaps.

Our handcrafted soaps, are sure to make every “body” happy! Each bar of soap is an affordable luxury that leaves you with the softest skin ever for a wonderfully luxurious, silky feel. These soaps are created using Ancient Indian Ayurveda Recipe’s.Each soap has its own special character- but all are mild, softening, and great for sensitive skin. For those who experience dry, sensitive skin, oily skin, eczema, rashes, acne.Handmade soap is best for your skin! If You have dry, oily or sensitive skin, these soaps are definitely for you. Most Wonderful for Gifts!
Please find attached the descriptions of the soaps attached :-
The CINNAMON SCRUB soap is this beautiful chocolate brownie looking soap ! It contains real crushed cinnamon , cinnamon essential oil, sheer butter, orange oil , vanilla and is amazing on the skin. These is a sumptous luxury as well as a therapeutic product.

The CINNAMON BUTTER soap is amazing and looks like marble sponge cake ! It contains real crushed cinnamon , cinnamon essential oil, sheer butter, olive oil , cocunut oil , palm oil, sunflower oil and melts on the skin to make it super soft.

The ICE CREAM soaps are so close to the edible icecream that you might just have to resist and hold yourself back ! They are made from a common base of cream , sheer butter, aloe vera and wheat germ oil. The different essential oils lend deifferent colours and fragrances to the different dollops !

The MILK , SAFFRON and TURMERIC soap is a great antiseptic and an age old recipe in Indian Ayurveda. It contains pure cow milk, saffron, turmeric, glycerin along with the base oils.

The CLARY SAGE soap is a transparent scrub soap which is a natural exfoliant. In the 15th century, the legend says that Clary Sage wards off negativity and helps ease depression. It is made of real crushed clary sage herb, clary sage essential oil, lavender oil, lemon oil and aloevera.

The HONEY OATMEAL soap is again a stimulating translucent scrub soap. It is exfoliating,soothing and moisturising at the same time. It contains real oatmeal, actual honey and aloevera.

The COCONUT BUTTER soap is nothing but moisture and more moisture in every buttery bath ! It is made from pure cocunut milk, sheer butter, cocunut oil, palm oil and olive oil.

All products are licensed. Each bar is hand-cut, and hence variations will occur. For large orders, please allow a four to six week lead time .Enjoy their uniqueness, and use them to decorate your bath as well as care for your skin. They can be as customised in terms of whichever packaging style you need as per labelling or net weight like 80 gms, 100gms etc.. We can also make special moulds for you.

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